UK Author Andrew Hutchinson

Andrew Hutchinson has a huge body of work that covers a myriad of genres and fields but all rooted within the field of self- development. He has won awards for his work and his writing style has sometimes courted with controversy. He himself admits openly that through his life he has sometimes been the beacon to his own self-destruction and develops educational work based on that learning.


Killing God

Religion is to this century what AIDS was to the last!

From the ''Gay Plague' and 'God's Punishment' headlines of the eighties, to the modern day messages of hell and damnation.


Was there ever a time when we were not led by fear? A time when the words that were passed down from those with influence could be trusted and depended upon?


We never know when it will begin. When will that first piece of information arrive that tells us that maybe this world is not as it seems.


Some of us prefer not to look, not to question, hesitant at scratching away at the surface for fear of what we might find. But I was never like that.


Sometimes to seek forgiveness we must open up our wounds and display them to the world and question who did the damage? Only then can we truly be freed from the grip of fear that holds us all back.


Killing God is that story.

Nine Ways to Touch the Soul

 ‘Nine Ways to Touch the Soul’ is a self-awareness journal designed to help people uncover their own destructive patterns enabling them to move forward with greater insight and understand why they make the choices they do and why some of them are flawed and cause harm.



“…an inspirational journey”
YOGA Magazine

“…thought provoking and moving”
Mind Body and Spirit

“…an enlightening experience”
Fate and Fortune

Is it really possible that the secret of life can be revealed in such a short book you will be asking yourself?

The paranoia and mistrust of human nature which runs through our every vein must be flying around in your head at this very moment. I understand your doubt and I can explain where it comes from.

How to access the secret of life has always been available to us in many forms. The problem is that it's either explained to us in such a long and complicated way that it doesn't make sense, or we just get bored waiting for the answer. 

You will be shown how to access the secret of life in its simplest form. You will learn how powerful it is even at this most basic level, and you will be shown how you can apply it to your daily life.

Meditation Naked

“A superior meditation CD”


“Through its profoundly healing process, I have managed to lose a lot of the baggage I have been carrying with me for many years.”​
Prediction Magazine

“A potent prescription producing only the best side effects.”

Catherine Taylor MSc. Psychotherapist

“… an antidote to the ills and woes of everyday life,” 

OUT NW Magazine