Andrew Hutchinson is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and has a huge body of work that covers a myriad of genres but all rooted within self- development. He has won awards for his work and his writing style has sometimes courted with controversy. ​ 


Although in his personal life he is described as private and reclusive, his writing style is quite the opposite with some of it being brutally honest and shocking taking on subject matters that others would shy from.

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His work over the years has received acclaim internationally whether it be for its 'in your face’ honesty or its 'innate sensitivity'. 


He was born in the North East of England and spent most of his life as a training facilitator in the cooperate sector dipping into education every now and then to create teaching resources, each time his contribution creating ripples and sometimes waves.

Frank's Bible

'Play's new approach!'

His first outing was in the early nineties with a theatre in education play called ‘Frank’s Bible’ which dealt with the oncoming concern about Aids and HIV. The play was critically acclaimed as it brought HIV to life as a self-analytical character assessing the damage he was doing to the people around him.

“A bold play with a positive slant, black humour with a message.”
                Newcastle Journal

“A thought provoking and
a disturbing piece of
        Cleveland Social Services

“Frank’s acid wit makes good sense from no sense.”

           Drugs Advisory Service

I fully support this play for use in schools for the education of the young on HIV and Aids, and will help in any way I can to see this happen."

Stuart McFarlane

Head of School Governors

It is both original and humorous and full of factual information. It should be used in an already lacking educational system when it comes to HIV and Aids.

Damian Dunn

Health Promotion Specialist York

"The characters are colourful and varied. It was thoroughly enjoyed by the young as I witnessed and I would thoroughly recommend it for use in schools in HIV education


Penny Maddock

Health Researcher for Young People

The play led to him creating the controversial character Johnny Condom with Spitting Image. This comic character divides opinion even to this day with some considering it a landmark in education, whilst others believing it’s the most disgraceful thing that’s ever entered education.


The resource went on to be used in over 4000 UK schools and seen by over a million young people. Johnny Condom also featured in campaigns by the British Safety Council and the European campaign Play Safe in Europe which stretched across 38 countries.


Whatever your view, the introduction of this new and brave form of education was a watershed moment in schools where PSHE teachers, although reluctantly at first,  embraced its honesty and directness making way for a new openness within this often sensitive subject.


In a Channel 4 documentary in 2020 'Let's Talk About Sex' Johnny Condom was described as 'the best' video  in sexual health over the last 50 years.


'Shocking and outrageous!'

Johnny Condom

“…an excellent way of getting the message across to young people…”

        World Health Organization

“A short video that will blast through everyone’s hang ups and really get the class going.”
                     The Guardian

“An in your face experience pressing home a clear message”

                        The Times

 “Johnny Condom comes with a  Dr. Hilary health warning, if  you don’t listen, you might  just regret it


 Dr. Hilary Jones

“You won’t be able to forget the Bother Brothers and the unique way they put across their message.”

Young People Now Magazine

“The video reaches out to young people at their level. It has those vital training elements and most importantly, its fun.

Glenys Gibson Senior Tutor

Award winning

L'amour Lament

He went on to win a ‘Royal Television Society Award’ for directing the animated music video L’amour Lament’ whilst in his corporate world he won a national award for his contribution to business development.

But after an issue with mental health in the mid-nineties, the content of his work changed to a more esoteric feel writing in ‘Yoga Magazine’, ‘Mind Body and Spirit’ and the release of his highly acclaimed ‘Nine Ways to Touch the Soul’ and guided meditation ‘Meditation Naked’

Nine Ways to Touch the Soul

‘…an inspirational journey…’ 
                    YOGA Magazine

“…thought provoking and moving…”
             Mind Body and Spirit

“… an antidote to the ills and woes of everyday life,” 
                  OUT NW Magazine

‘…an enlightening experience…’
                 Fate and Fortune

Nine Ways to Touch the Soul

“A superior meditation CD"

Meditation Naked

Meditation Naked 


Described as 'the ultimate guided meditation', this highly acclaimed journey will guide you to confront your own destructive patterns and free you in a way that no other guided meditation can. A true and revealing journey into the inner self.

“Through its profoundly healing process, I have managed to lose a lot of the baggage I have been carrying with me for many years.”
Prediction Magazine

“A potent prescription producing only the best side effects.”
Catherine Taylor
MSc. Psychotherapist

Exploring life and challenging the inner self.

In the most recent project 'The Secret of Life', he continues to champion self-development by looking at ingrained beliefs that so often hold us back. By introducing Nine Ways to Touch the Soul into the series he creates a vehicle of study that looks at our own needs and how we can recognise destructive patterns that go unrecognised in ourselves and others.

Having a relationship or waiting for that special person to come along is the reason to get up on a morning for so many people.

But what is the logic and narrative behind what some would call such an unrealistic goal. A short story of love and hope with the soul mate concept.

How to access the secret of life has always been available to us in many forms.  


The problem is that it’s either explained in such a long and complicated way that it doesn’t make sense, or we just get bored waiting.

This is your quickest way to understand the secret of life and use it to control your stress and anxiety.

Explored: is an updated digital version with additional content of the title ‘Nine Ways to Touch the Soul’


In our second visit to this title, we begin to look at ingrained beliefs that hold us all back and learn how to reverse destructive patterns that go unrecognised keeping us all trapped in a cycle of limitation.

Currently in production. Is it really possible that lying within the many books that have been written on this subject there is the proof that will answer the ultimate questions to life?


A revealing seminar that will do just that and bring a new concept to our views on teaching religion.

'Highly acclaimed and reccomended education'

Recently he produced the animated children’s resource Walter the Wizard and created the highly acclaimed 'PSHE News' and the soon to be released 'Teacher Central' education resources.

'An excellent resource with lots of information which helps to keep us up to date with current information and support us in providing an enriched curriculum for all our students.'

Maggie Bowen

PSCHE co-ordinator

Priory Community School Academy

'An invaluable resources that allow me to teach PSHE personally and manage the delivery of PSHE effectively across the school through other curriculum areas and tutor groups.'

Simon Shoebridge
Head of Religious Education, PSHE
St Columba's Catholic Boys' School

'This is an invaluable resource. I signpost all NQT’s and teachers new in the subject to it, in fact, anyone who is serious about teaching PSHE well.'

Kathy Callaghan
Health & Well-being

PSHE Coordinator for Saffron Valley Collegiate.

Teacger central web.png
Walter the Wizard

September 2021

A brand new resource, Teacher Central, designed to support teachers and students across the curriculum with a focus on training teachers doing their PGCE and Cert Ed. qualifications. A superb teaching resource suitable for those entering the teaching profession.

Producer of the highly acclaimed free education resource for teachers and students. PSHE News is designed to bring together professional opinions and views to help in the subject and to help support engaging lessons for young people.

Producer of the free primary school resource Walter the Wizard providing worksheets to teachers. A whole host of learning activities for early years learning. From teaching the alphabet to dangers in the home delivered straight to your computer or mobile

'It's a great resource to ensure you are up to date with any news resources or initiatives. The resources are easy to use and our tutors have really benefited from them.'

Liza McCarthy
Assistant Headteacher
Dene Magna School

'An excellent resource with lots of information which helps to keep us up to date with current information and support us in providing an enriched curriculum for all our students.'


Maggie Bowen

PSCHE co-ordinator

Priory Community School Academy



'Most PSHE leaders work in isolation in their schools. We often don’t have departments or formal support to do what we do.  This is a useful and much-needed resource.'


Salma Osmani

Head of PSHE and Citizenship

Washwood Heath Academy

A brand new educational concept and book!

Killing God

Religion is to this century what AIDS was to the last!

With this latest release, he once again sets out to challenge the education model with a provocative new book and seminar to follow.


The book tracks his own ill fated journey through education whilst the seminar brings to life a brand new concept to teaching religion, faith and belief systems in schools.


It doesn’t take too much guessing as to whether this piece of work is about to create a ripple or a wave. Potentially it will create a wave so big it will eclipse all of his previous work combined.


* Please be warned that the book ‘Killing God’ comes with an adult advisory warning and is not for those who are easily offended.